Welcome to Thermography Consulting cc, a modern and progressive South African based Thermographic Services Company.

Through utilizing the latest technology we have brought together all the components that make us leaders in the field of Infrared Thermography as a preventive/predictive maintenance inspection technique.

Thermography is widely recognized as an effective non-destructive tool for checking electrical switchgear, mechanical systems, buildings, roofs, heavy duty equipment and many other spectrums. Infrared Thermography is also used to improve manufacturing processes and is utilized in reconstruction and development applications.

Thermography is a non destructive preventative / predictive maintenance inspection technique that reduce downtime, cost, prioritize dilemma areas and replacement of assets by establishing anomaly / irregularity before a difficulty occur resulting in profit or revenue loss. Cameras can quickly check electrical systems for hot spots caused by loose connections, damage, overload and other problems, before they cause further damage.


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